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Fastner – Your specialist for complete assembly

As a system supplier, we offer manufacturing and assembly of complete, ready to install modules – complete with electric or pneumatic components or welded assembly. So, you can obtain everything from one source and consequently have the security of top quality, down to the smallest detail.

Of course we also offer from our seamless process chain any desired module as a single, stand-alone performance.

Whatever you choose, you can expect the highest manufacturing quality with the fulfillment of your required tolerances – all assured by ISO certification and corresponding testing processes.

Baugruppenmontage bei Fastner
Baugruppenmontage bei Fastner
Arbeitsbeispiel einer Baugruppenmontage bei Fastner

Risks can be minimized – With the right partner!

Get us involved early in order to find the best technical and economical solution! With Fastner you benefit from the expertise, the technology and the manpower of a specialist. Whether mounted or welded assemblies, you will quickly see the result: Calculable processing costs, reliably short delivery times and reliable production quality, all using state of the art technology.